What we do

Help, every step of the way

We know it's complicated. Budgeting, interest rates, loan terms, fine print...where do you even start?

There are so many important decisions to make. It can be overwhelming buying a property or refinancing your existing loans. 

At Good Green Home Loans we depend on your seal of approval, so here is what we will do to make your life easier:

  • Meet with you at a time and place that suits you
  • Listen and get to know you and your goals
  • Provide you with tips on saving money and reducing debt
  • Determine the most suitable loan type 
  • Guide you through the loan application process from beginning to end
  • Find you a great deal - Going green doesn’t mean more expensive!
  • Keep you informed and make things clear, simple and worry free
  • Stay connected for the long term to ensure your loan remains competitive and appropriate as your circumstances change
  • Never compromise our values for profit