Amy's story


It was during my career spanning over 15 years in one of Australia’s big banks that the idea for Good Green Home Loans came about.

I had always thrived on the happiness I’d feel helping people achieve their financial goals. But I wanted to do more! I wanted my workplace to have genuine purpose, for my days to be filled with meaningful connections and to leave work each day feeling proud and smiling.

As the years went by I began to doubt if the financial services industry would satisfy my desire to have a positive impact on the world. So I began to prepare for a big career change.

Amy's story

Our carbon footprint

I started to spend time learning more about climate change, waste reduction, how my everyday actions can help to protect the environment and reduce my carbon footprint. 

It wasn’t long before I learned that the financial services industry remains a significant supporter and enabler of the production of fossil fuels, the number one source of human produced carbon emissions responsible for global warming.

I believe that Australia’s largest corporations have a responsibility to be leaders when it comes to protecting the environment. With their continued investment in the fossil fuel industry they aren’t there yet. The greatest way we can encourage change is by moving our valuable business elsewhere. This is where Good Green Home Loans can help.

Amy's story

Profits for good

I will proudly help you choose a loan with one of many lenders that don't support fossil fuel production.

For every home loan settlement we complete Good Green Home Loans will donate $100 to a nominated Not-For-Profit or charity that shares our values of helping those in need or protecting the environment.

You might be surprised to know that taking this step could also save you hundreds or thousands of dollars every year!